Lowering Your Air Conditioning Costs With the Right Blinds

30 June 2018
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Are you on the verge of redecorating your home? While the end aim is to make it look aesthetically pleasing, with the right blinds you can reduce the cost of your air conditioning too.

While retaining other benefits, including privacy and minimising light entry, certain blind installations will stop you from pouring money into your HVAC system. Knowing what they are and how to boost their effects should make your purchasing decisions easier.

Choose aluminium linings to keep the cold in

If you choose blinds that feature an aluminium lining, you're taking the first step towards deflecting the sun. When UV rays bounce off and outwards, they don't hit your living spaces, which significantly reduces the chance of your home overheating.

While aluminium doesn't always sound enticing in terms of its appearance, today you can purchase blinds with various coatings. They'll still reflect UV rays while matching your home's exterior.

Venture into the world of honeycomb for plenty of efficiency

Honeycomb designs were popular the 1980s. They'll work to your benefit whether you want to keep the heat in or out, as their pleating traps pockets of air moving from beyond the walls of your home. Similarly, they don't allow cool air that you're generating using your HVAC system to escape through.

By trapping these pockets of air, honeycomb shades prevent the sun's rays from overheating your property. When the temperature gauges your HVAC system rely on don't fluctuate, it doesn't have to work as hard. Because of this, you spend less on staying cool.

Add in shutters and exterior shades for extra cool benefits

While the right blinds can act as the cornerstone of your cooling plans, you can always bolster them with additional devices. For example, if you choose to add shutters to your property, you can close the sun out entirely on particularly sweltering days. Doing so is especially advantageous when you're at work and don't need to use your HVAC, but you don't want to arrive home to a hot property either.

Similarly, exterior shades that filter the sunlight can deflect the sun entirely while bringing in extra privacy. Other ways to bolster your efforts include ensuring your windows fit correctly and checking the caulk that surrounds the ledges periodically.

If you're ready to install new blinds, make your investment even more worthwhile by looking into energy efficiency. As technology advances, so does your ability to lower the cost of your HVAC system.