Two interior design tricks to keep in mind if you want to spruce up your bedroom balcony

30 May 2019
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If your bedroom balcony is in need of some sprucing up, here are some interior design tricks that you might find helpful.

Opt for an awning made from fabric rather than solid wood or metal

If you'll be installing a new awning over the top of your balcony, then it's best to buy one that is made from fabric rather than a hard, solid material like wood or metal.

There are several reasons why fabric awnings are usually the most suitable choice for bedroom balconies. Firstly, if you opt for an awning made from a fabric that has a similar texture, thickness and style to that of the upholstered pieces in your bedroom (such as your bed's headboard, for example), this will make the balcony look more like a continuation of your bedroom rather than a separate space. This, in turn, will help to give this area of your home a more spacious look (even if it is actually quite compact).

Secondly, unlike a solid and completely opaque metal or wooden awning, an awning made from a relatively thin fabric will be slightly translucent. This means that it won't block out all of the sunlight (but will still offer some shade and privacy). This is a very important point to note if your bedroom is quite gloomy and the balcony is the main source of natural light in this part of your property, as in this situation, it would be unwise to pick an awning that prevents any sunlight from passing through it.

Opt for a frosted glass railing

Bedroom balconies are often quite small in size. Because of this, it is generally best for these balconies to have glass railings, as the transparency of the glass prevents the railing from making the balcony feel cramped and enclosed.

However, if you decide to do this, you should opt for frosted glass rather than plain. The reason for this is as follows; if the balcony is attached to your bedroom, you may want to use it when you have just woken up and are still in your pyjamas (to sit and have cup of coffee, for example) or when you are just out of the shower before going to sleep and are in your bathrobe. During these moments, you may prefer to have some barrier in place so that those walking by your property or sitting in balconies across the street cannot see you.

A frosted glass railing will provide you with this much-needed privacy whilst still making your balcony look spacious.