Benefits of Installing Roller Blinds in Your Home

21 July 2021
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Window coverings are available in a range of forms and materials, each of which offers a distinct method of light control and design potential. Roller blinds are one option. Consider the following benefits of this classic option.

Allow for Maximum Light Flow

Some window coverings restrict sunlight from entering the room even when they're fully open. For example, Roman blinds can cover the top portion of the window. Even Venetian blinds can be quite bulky when they're pulled up. Curtains are always present even when they're open, and they can cover some incoming light, depending on how they're installed. Conversely, roller blinds are practically invisible when open. They consist of fabric that's wound around an aluminium roll. Because they take up so little space, they allow light to stream into a room. Thus, roller blinds are ideal if you want to maximise daylight.

Enhance Minimalist Decors

Because roller blinds consist of a rectangle piece of fabric with straight clean lines, they especially enhance a minimalist decor, whether open or closed. They'll keep visual clutter in a room to a minimum. Other window coverings add more graphic details. For instance, consider Venetians with multiple horizontal lines or Roman blinds with fabric pleats. Likewise, curtains add vertical folds to the sides of the window.

Establish a Focal Point

Despite the fact that roller blinds are ultra-minimal and almost vanish when open, they also allow you to create a focal point if you wish by using patterned fabric. You can select from different patterns to match the blind with the room decor. For example, in a classic, traditional space, you could install baroque-designed blinds in different shades of white and cream to give the blinds a lacy feel. Otherwise, fit a herringbone zigzag pattern in reds, pinks and oranges for a quirky modern look. In a vintage home, you could install a botanical William Morris inspired print on the blind. Alternatively, use a dark blue or charcoal blind against a white wall to produce drama.

Easy to Clean

Because they're made from one flat fabric piece, roller blinds are easy to clean. They don't feature different overlapping sections or intricate parts that can harbour dirt. You can dust or wipe them with a microfibre cloth to keep them looking attractive. Other window treatments, such as Venetian blinds, collect dust in their many louvres, as do Roman blinds in their folds. Curtains can become soiled and require removal and cleaning.

To learn more about roller blinds, contact a supplier.