5 Types of Wardrobe Mirrors to Consider

9 July 2017
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Before you leave for the day, you want to check how you look, and to make that easier, you may want a mirror integrated into your wardrobe. There are lots of options. To help you decide which type of wardrobe mirror is right for you, take a look at these ideas:

1. Fully Mirrored Wardrobe

A fully mirrored wardrobe features mirrors covering all of its doors. This is particularly ideal for wardrobes with sliding doors that are similar to closets, but it can also work with wardrobes that have large swinging doors.

In addition to letting you check how you look, these mirrored wardrobes also help to make your space seem larger. The light bounces off the large mirrors and creates the illusion of more space.

2. Mirrored Interior Doors

If you don't like the idea of mirrored wardrobe doors, consider putting mirrors on the inside of your wardrobe doors. That is a more discreet way to store the doors. Also, if you position the doors at the right angles, this setup can also allow you to check both the front and the back of your outfit.

3. Pull Out Mirrors

For an alternative discreet look, you may want a wardrobe where the mirror pulls it. Like a drawer, the mirror rests on a set of tracks. When you want it, you simply pull it out. In some cases, the tracks can pivot, and that allows you to turn the mirror any direction you like.

This option is particularly useful for open wardrobes or closet organization systems that don't have doors. The mirror can be tucked in alongside shelves or closets and accessed as desired.

4. Backlit Mirrors

Regardless of which style of mirror, you select you may want to have it backlit. That creates a stylish look that makes your wardrobe look almost illuminated. It also allows you to use the mirror in the dark, without other lights in the room.

5. Decorative Mirrors

Finally, you may just want the mirrors on your wardrobe to be decorative. Although this doesn't necessarily allow you to check how you look before you leave the house, it adds a stylish effect to your room. Some options to consider include panes of mirrors inside wood or aluminium frames, mirrors that partially cover half of the wardrobe door or mirrors cut into interesting shapes.

To learn more about mirrored wardrobes or to get an idea of the possibilities, visit a mirrored wardrobe website or showroom.