Four Handy Tips for Using Carpets in Your Basement Room

14 February 2017
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Basements tend to suffer from coldness more than other rooms in the house, so many homeowners would naturally like to use carpeting for their converted basement rooms. Of course, basements do have some natural problems of their own that can make laying down carpeting problematic, the most obvious of which is the risk of moisture damage.

However, you don't have to give up on your carpeted basement. Instead, just follow these four handy tips.

1. Prepare the Underfloor

You can always lay your carpeting right down on the concrete of your basement, but it isn't really a great idea since there will be no proper barrier between carpet and potential moisture. Start by ensuring that all concrete floors and walls have been cleaned with a strong solution, and then lay down both a plastic vapor barrier and a plywood subfloor.

2. Opt for Synthetic Fibres

In many rooms of the house, carpets made from organic materials will be preferred since they do not tend to fade as easily when subjected to direct sunlight, but direct sunlight isn't often much of an issue in the basement. Synthetic fibres are also great since they will dry out a lot faster than natural fibres; this is why rain jackets are commonly filled with synthetics instead of natural materials.

3. Go for Carpet Tiles

In most rooms of the house, it's best to opt for a whole carpet since they generally look better. However, basements often serve as more casual entertaining spaces, so looks aren't such an issue. The great thing about carpet tiles is that you'll only need to replace a few if water damage does occur sometime in the future.

4. Go for a Lighter Colour

When choosing a type of carpeting for your basement, most of the issues you're going to have to deal with are practical in nature, and the points listed above provide great ways to bypass some of the practical problems that come with using carpeting in a basement.

However, you'll also need to think about the cosmetics of your carpet; after all, you'll still have to choose the right colour. In general, it's best to go for something lighter. Some people will argue that lighter carpeting shows up stains more easily, but that's true for any room in the house. The great thing about laying down lighter carpeting in the basement is that it will make the room seem lighter and more open. In contrast, darker carpeting can make a basement feel confined, dark, and dingy.