Affordable ways to update your kitchen

26 July 2016
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If your kitchen is looking a little bit worse for wear, there are plenty of things you can do to give it a new lease of life without blowing your household decorating budget. Here are three steps you can take to revive this area of your home.  

Add a pop of colour

Many people opt for neutral hues when decorating their houses. Whilst this type of simple palette is a very safe option, it can make a kitchen look somewhat drab and outdated, particularly if the cabinetry, countertops and flooring are older and therefore not in the best condition.

One simple solution to this issue is to introduce a pop of colour into the space. This can add a fresh, modern twist to even the dullest of kitchens. Whilst your budget may not quite stretch to painting the entire room or buying colourful new flooring, you can still inject some vibrant hues into this part of your home by investing in one or two eye-catchingly bright small appliances, such as a crimson toaster or a cobalt-blue kettle. Additionally, it may be worth purchasing a couple of decorative splashbacks for the sections of wall behind your sink and cooker; these are inexpensive and available in a huge range of shades.

When displayed neatly, tea towels, oven mitts and even coffee and tea canisters can also serve as affordable, colourful decorative accessories. These items are perhaps the least expensive things one can buy for a kitchen and as such are ideal if your budget is very tight.

Replace door handles and knobs

A lot of people assume that need to make big changes in order to noticeably improve the appearance of a room. However in many instances, small modifications can have a surprisingly big impact. For example, if the current drawer knobs and pulls in your kitchen are a bit unsightly, purchasing some inexpensive stylish replacements can make a world of difference to the overall look of the space. A few cast iron cabinet handles are a great choice for those who want to give their kitchen a charming, country-cottage look, whilst sleek stainless steel ones are ideal for anyone who wants to create a modern, minimalist aesthetic.

Change the lighting

The lighting you use in your kitchen can have a dramatic effect on its atmosphere. Harsh, overhead fluorescent bulbs can give it a cold and unwelcoming feel, whilst warm-toned recessed lights will create a much cosier ambience. Installing some cheap-and-cheerful ambient lighting is a great way to enhance this area of a house; a few LED lights positioned around the bottom of the under-counter cabinets can add a lovely, soft glow, whilst a simple, low-hanging pendant light over the kitchen table can make the room look and feel far more inviting.