Types of Window Treatments For Your Dining Room

21 June 2016
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When it comes to your home's window treatments, you probably spend a lot of time choosing them for your bedrooms and living room, but what about your dining room? If you have windows in this room, you will need to choose window treatments that blend in well with the space, but also provide adequate natural lighting. Here are some different types of window treatments that work great in a dining room.

Go Natural With Wood or Bamboo

The dining room is the perfect room to add more natural décor, such as with blinds that are made from bamboo or hardwood. The wood window treatments add warmth to your dining room, which is a place you want to relax and spend time with your family. This warmth makes the room more inviting, whether you are having a family dinner or inviting guests over for a holiday celebration. The wood blinds also match a wide range of décor styles.

Combine Solid and Patterned Window Curtains

Another good type of window treatment for a dining room is to use window curtains, but not go with just one style or solid colour. Consider adding multiple panels that use both solid and patterned designs. For example, you can have a patterned window drape in the middle of the dining room window, then two panels on either side with a patterned look. You can also alternate them to where the patterned panel is on the inside. This adds more depth and texture to the dining room, while also keeping the area more private.

Use Shades For Smaller Windows

If your dining room has smaller windows, which is very common for this type of space, you might want to go with shades. These look great and come in a lot of different colours and styles, but only cover the size of the window. With curtains, you would probably want to get long ones to go to the ground, which takes up more space than necessary. Shades are also good when you want more natural light coming into the room, which reduces how much you need to rely on the dining room lights. There are balloon shades that create a charming country-style décor in your home, or you can go with a more modern or contemporary shade in a neutral colour.

When it comes to window treatments for your dining room, consider how much light you want to filter through the window, what your privacy preferences are, and the overall style you are looking for.