Shop Fitting Tips for First-Time Shop Owners

26 April 2016
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You have decided to venture into business for the first time. Getting started on things such as a small or medium sized shop can be frustrating at first. One of the things that can be challenging when you are opening your first shop is fitting it. The way you fit your shop has a great impact on your customers and business as well.

Therefore, for a successful shop-fitting exercise, here are tips you can consider using.

Choose Local Shop Fitters

Trusting your local shop fitter for quality work is very important. While you might have done your research before opening the shop and analysed things such as competition, a local shop fitter might have a better understanding of the level of competition that you're likely to face.

Local shop fitters have in-depth knowledge about other shops around, so they know how best to fit your shop to compete with the others. In addition, local shop fitters might have better access to suppliers and other contacts who can guarantee you the most competitive prices for the materials you will require for your shop fittings.

In the event that anything goes wrong with the fittings in the initial phase of opening your shop, you can be assured that your shop fitter can be onsite as soon as possible to fix it, which prevents issues with delays that can be costly.  

Have a Deadline for the Completion of the Work and "Work Backwards"

Figure out your opening date and work backwards from that point. This will help you set aside the maximum amount of time possible for drawing the plans, the tendering process, the certification plans, and the fit-out process. Remember that the deliveries might be delayed depending on where you live, which is why it's important to go with a local shop-fitting company.

Having the deadline will also help to keep your shop fitters on track because delays can lead to costly shop-fitting installations.

Talk To the Other Local Shop Owners

Despite the fact that you will be competing with them, you can still talk to other shop owners. They may actually turn out to be of great help. For instance, if you talk to the shop owners, they may recommend the best shop fitters based on thing such as reputation and cost. This is important because most shop fitters will specialise in a given industry niche, and therefore, you need to make your choices carefully in order to get better service as well as value for your money.

Consider these three tips to make your shop fitting project a success.