1 Tip To Recover Normal Hunger Cues

1 Tip To Recovery Normal Hunger Cues – Food is always available and there is no restriction coming!

When i felt ready in my recovery to start to eat after hunger cues i started to notice that sometimes i would eat more even when i was not hungry or even […]

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MinnieMaud And Intuitive Eating In ED Recovery

I talk about my experience in ED recovery and how i used MinnieMaud and intuitive eating to get over my bulimia and orthorexia. Let me know what u think! :)

What is MinnieMaud? http://www.youreatopia.com/blog/2013/3/31/minniemaud-guidelines-for-recovery-from-a-restrictive-eating.html

What is Intuitive Eating? https://www.intuitiveeating.com/content/what-intuitive-eating

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ED Thoughts #2 – Brainwashed

Repeating negative ED thoughts will make these thoughts more powerful and automatic. You give them more power through repetition. You constantly engage in ED behaviors such as watching “thinspo” pictures or “health” and weight loss oriented websites, connecting with people who reinforce you some specific diet idea and confirm […]

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“My Way Or Highway!”

“My Way Or Highway!” some say…but that’s not what i believe in.

Find what works for YOU! i talk about my experiences, but this does not mean you will have the same experience doing what i did. there are a lot of methods how to recover from eating disorders, people […]

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My Hair Care + Random Rambling :P

Today i show you how i take care of my hare, its pretty simple :)

Shampoo im using: http://www.emmanoel.fr/cosmetique-beaute-soin-bio/en/product-detail/cat/shampoos-hair-treatments/organic-baobab-oil-shampoo—for-greasy-hair

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Q&A: 2500-3000 calories a day and also junk foods? WTF?!?

931Q: “I dont get it, how people can get slim by eating 2500-3000 calories and not get obese? also i know Youreatopia recommends just a standard diet, also junk foods? how doesnt it make me gain weight? i eat […]

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Recovery Path – What To Expect?


The length of your recovery really depends on the severity of your eating disorder, how many relapses you have in recovery and how quickly you go into the process of recovery (for some it may need some tweaking little here and there to make it best suitable for them […]

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My Easy Skincare Routine

Many people have asked me about my skincare routine and how i keep it clear! So here’s what i do!

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ED Thoughts #1 – Separate And Replace!

The first thing is that you have to realise that these negative thoughts are not the real you! Its your eating disorder. YOU and ED are two different things!

Many people do not know what are ED thoughts? Its easy – every negative thought that makes you feel worthless and […]

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Setbacks In ED Recovery #3 – Weight Problems

In today’s video i share with you some of the things that helped me to recover despite having some weight problems in recovery.

How our body recovers (eating 2500-3000 cals in recovery and weight explained): http://letsrecover.tumblr.com/post/99986212405/why-doesnt-mm-make-us-fat

Girl gained 11 pounds in just one week explained:

What happens when […]

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