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Four Handy Tips for Using Carpets in Your Basement Room

Basements tend to suffer from coldness more than other rooms in the house, so many homeowners would naturally like to use carpeting for their converted basement rooms. Of course, basements do have some natural problems of their own that can make laying down carpeting problematic, the most obvious of which is the risk of moisture […]

Five Reasons To Install a Wet Room in Your Home

If you have a traditional bathroom in your home, then you are not alone, but many Australians are opting for the versatility of a wet room instead these days. They are increasingly popular both upstairs and down. If you are thinking about upgrading your bathroom in the near future, then you may be considering installing […]

Affordable ways to update your kitchen

If your kitchen is looking a little bit worse for wear, there are plenty of things you can do to give it a new lease of life without blowing your household decorating budget. Here are three steps you can take to revive this area of your home.   Add a pop of colour Many people […]

Types of Window Treatments For Your Dining Room

When it comes to your home’s window treatments, you probably spend a lot of time choosing them for your bedrooms and living room, but what about your dining room? If you have windows in this room, you will need to choose window treatments that blend in well with the space, but also provide adequate natural […]

4 Tips to Make Your Outdoor Blinds Last Longer

Just like other products meant for the outdoors, like outdoor furniture and even decking, outdoor blinds can be damaged by extreme factors, such as adverse weather conditions. Strong winds, heavy rainfall and harsh summer sunlight can take their toll on your blinds, and hence you must take proper steps to ensure your investment in the […]

How To Make Your Plastic Venetian Blinds Static-Proof

Plastic slatted Venetian blinds make an affordable and practical window dressing solution for almost any room in your home.  Although they’re pretty easy to clean, plastic Venetian blinds do gather static electricity and that makes them rather prone to attracting dust.  An accumulation of dust not only looks unsightly, it is also bad news for […]

Benefits and Types of External Shutters You Could Consider

If you are looking for functional yet aesthetically appealing window treatments for the exterior of your home, then you should consider external shutters. These shutters are fitted outside your windows rather than indoors. What are the benefits of external shutters? External shutters provide your home with an array of benefits. These benefits include the ability […]

Curtains Vs Blinds : Which Are Best For Your Space?

Curtains and blinds are some of the most commonly used window treatments today. If you’re building, remodelling or looking to spruce things up in your property, you can do so by simply altering your curtains or blinds and getting something with better aesthetic appeal. However, the big question remains — which of the two window […]