Setbacks In ED Recovery #3 – Weight Problems

In today’s video i share with you some of the things that helped me to recover despite having some weight problems in recovery.

How our body recovers (eating 2500-3000 cals in recovery and weight explained):

Girl gained 11 pounds in just one week explained:

What happens when […]

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Being Vegan In Eating Disorder Recovery?

What i think of being vegan in eating disorder recovery?

This subject is important, but i know its kinda taboo, since in one part i do not want to harm animals or recommend to eat animal products because its not ethical, but the other part i see how being vegan […]

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Setbacks In ED Recovery #2 – Bad Body Image

In Today’s video i talk about how to have more healthy body image.

Link to the article i talked about:

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Setbacks In ED Recovery #1 – Going Back To Restriction

Lets talk about setbacks in eating disorder recovery – what are some setbacks to watch out for, how to prevent them and learn from them!

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How I Make Fluffy White Bread

Here is one super easy and fluffy white bread recipe. I love to eat it with warm soups! :)

Ingredients and amounts:
2 cups regular unbleached flour
1 teaspoons salt
1 cup lukewarm water
1 teaspoons sugar
1 sachet active-dry yeast

Recipe modified from here:

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How To Make Vegan Joghurt + Smoothie Recipe

I this video i show you how i make vegan joghurt :) Love that i can make my own vegan joghurt now, the store bought ones are really expensive, this one costs only few dollars maybe! :) And add in differet stuff to make different kinds of tastes: fruit, […]

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Body Types And Lowering Your Set Point Weight?

I truly believe our body has a set point weight where we feel most healthy and happy. Some are more skinny, some are more curvy, some are in the middle. I do not take BMI as to say whats „normal“ and whats not, because its not even accurate, but […]

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Veggies With Quinoa – Simple Meal Recipe

Veggies With Quinoa – Simple Meal Recipe – Just showing you some meal ideas, what i typically eat! :)

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Food Addiction vs Eating Disorder

Whats the difference between food addiction and eating disorder?

Food addiction symptoms

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Meal Plans For ED Recovery Available Now! (Free!)

regular picI personally am not a big fan of meal plans and for some it can be even triggering to follow some plan, BUT some people really seem to find them helpful so i put together a regular meal plan […]

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