How To Stop Binge-Purge Cycles and Overcome Bulimia

Overcome-Morphine-AddictionAs someone with a past of bulimia i know how hard and destructive is the binge-purge cycles. You feel hungry and out of control and like you do not have any willpower. You feel helpless […]

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Is „Starvation Mode” A Myth?

Starvation mode can also be called as famine response, famine mode, starvation resistance, starvation tolerance, adapted starvation, adaptive thermogenesis, fat adaptation and metabolic adaptation.

So […]

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Coaching Now Available! Overcome Eating Disorders And A Lot More!

freeWHAT do i offer?

I offer coaching in these areas:

  1. Eating Disorders And How To Overcome
  2. General Support To Recover From Eating Disorders
  3. Bingeing And Overeating
  4. Food Addictions
  5. Emotional Eating
  6. Overcoming Chronic Dieting, Yo-Yo Dieting
  7. Unhealthy Weight Gain Thanks To Restrictive Dieting
  8. How To Eat Healthy But Not Feel Restricted
  9. Becoming Vegan, Eating […]
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Counting Calories Or Listening To Your Body?

Should you count calories or listen to your body? Yes and no. See the video to find out more!

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Food Addiction, Emotional Eating, Eating Out Of Boredom…

Hi! In this video i talk about my experiences with eating emotionally, having food addiction, eating out of boredom, overeating and so on. I have realized something interesting about these things on my journey…

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How I Returned Back To Normal Hunger Cues After Eating Disorder

In this video i share with you how i returned gradually to normal hunger cues in my recovery.

Article: Minnesota Starvation Experiment And Eating Disorders

Article: Extreme Hunger That Feels Like Bingeing

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Over Eating In Eating Disorder Recovery?

Today’s question:
There’s been so much talk in hclfv community high carb Hannah and Brianna jackfruitson have said u will gain weight by over eating and if u stop over eating then u won’t be fat. So I’m confused bc I am def over eating bc I never feel satiated […]

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Weight Gain On HCLF Vegan Lifestyle After Eating Disorders/Dieting

Why people gain weight on high carb low fat vegan lifestyle after coming from eating disorders or dieting backgrounds?

Feel Like Bingeing In ED Recovery? What Is Extreme Hunger?

My 5 Best Tips To Overcome Extreme Hunger In ED Recovery

Will I Become Overweight/Obese Eating As […]

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Vlog – What I Ate Today, Markets, Bodyboarding

Follow me around! At Sunday we went to the Noosa Sunday markets. I tried bodyboarding for the first time and ate some delicious foods! :)

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Make Recovery A FIRST Priority, Not Weight Loss…

Make a PAIN and PLEASURE list for your recovery so it will keep you going and not fall back to restriction.

Write down what is the PAIN when you do not choose recovery, and what is the PLEASURE if you CHOOSE recovery…like this:

– i keep on bingeing, overeating
– i will […]

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