Diets Give You Eating Disorder

no-cheatingDiets are very ineffective tool to lose weight or get healthy and science has proven that it actually triggers binge eating, overeating, eating more food than you need, eating more junk food than you would want and diets can even […]

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Right Mindset In ED Recovery

think-positiveBelieve in recovery and that you can do it

Having a right mindset is so important when you start your recovery from eating disorders. This is why some succeed but some keep on crashing.

I have had many obstacles in my life […]

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Orthorexia – Disaster in Disguise

Orthorexia-Eating-Disorders-300x223I used to think that orthorexia is just a manipulative way to force healthy people to eat crappy food and for society make excuses for their bad eating habits. I was sure that those people who couldn’t eat healthy themselves […]

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How To Eat Healthy But Not Feel Restricted

Süda4I have been very hesitant to write about this for a long time. I think the reasons are obvious. I don’t want this to send out the wrong message. I mostly write about how to let go of the healthy […]

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Set Point Weight And BMI

comp-423998-scale-feet-628x363Set point weight

Set point weight is different for everybody, but it is our bodies natural healthy weight no matter if you eat some days more or some days less. You still end up at the same weight. See my story […]

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Do Not Exercise In ED Recovery To Speed Up The Healing

Why-You-Should-Avoid-Under-eating-and-Over-exercisingTrap of exercising

If you recover from eating disorders or just restriction, dieting and eating problems it is absolutely essential to skip exercising! When i first started my recovery and committed to eating enough every day and eat whatever i wanted (also […]

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Water Retention And Salt Retention

downloadWater retention and bloating in recovery from eating disorders is very common result. Even when you have just dieted, changed your diet or restricted for a short period of time you can gain many kilos of water weight quite fast. […]

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My Weight Loss And Weight Gain Stories

I have been about 58 kg (127 pounds) all my life (i’m 28 years old now), at least as long as i can remember. It fluctuates maybe few kilos at most but it’s always seems to be about 58 kg. No matter if i have tried to diet, do […]

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3 Things You Must Stop Doing To Recover From Eating Disorders

6b2cdf1954e92f690f93636d9e6ed2e7In this article i want to share with you the 3 things you MUST stop doing if you want to fully recover from eating disorders or disordered eating. Whats the difference between them? Read about it here: „Eating […]

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Extreme Hunger That Feels Like Bingeing

Brain-Circuit-that-Controls-Overeating-Pinned-Down-in-Mice-386841-2If you have a past of disordered eating you have probably experienced this. You eat and eat and never seem to get full. You may be physically full but you still feel you want to eat MORE. The „normal“ amount […]

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