Vegan Shepherd’s Pie


I have seen many recipes of vegan Shepherd’s Pie around the internet lately. I have never ate Shepherd’s Pie before, but it looked delicious. So i decided its time to make it and try it out myself. The recipe is […]

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Dieting, Food Obsessions And Feeling Guilty Leads To Eating Disorder

I made this video to inspire you to stop dieting and obsessing about foods and to start listening to your body!

I used the clips from different Youtubers that most inspired me and resonated with me and what i believe in to help in recovery from eating disorders and just […]

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Sending Love To Freelee

I just wanted to make this video to say thanks to Freelee and send her some love because she really deserves it! :)

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You Cannot Decide Your Healthy Weight

You cannot decide your healthy weight because everybody has their own healthy set point weight our body works hard to maintain. If you try to lose more weight than its healthy for you, you can mess up all your body and develop lots of problems.

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Update About Moving To Australia And My Recovery From Bulimia

This is more personal video where i ramble about moving to Australia and how is my recovery from ED going :)

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Food Restriction On High Carb Low Fat Vegan Lifestyle

Find all my eating disorder related articles and videos here:

This is something i have experienced. I was eating min 2500-3000 calories a day on this lifestyle but i still had major cravings and binges and food obsessions. I had bulimia with orthorexia. When i started to eat whatever […]

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Is Food Addiction Real?

b0cd70f492e83e16f01db146ad313bd7_addicted-to-food-how-to-break-free-580x326_featuredImageNote: I am sorry if this post is triggering to some of you with ED. I just write how it comes out and is best for me to express myself so sometimes it is hard to make sure it […]

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Calories In Calories Out Theory

say-no-no-to-the-diet-yo-yoMany people think that: weight loss = calories in – calories out

But our body is biological, not mathematical. Those kinds […]

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But normal people eat 2000 calories a day!? – Q%A

“But normal people eat 2000 calories a day!?”

Even if they do, they haven’t restricted also! The thing is that the 2000 calorie need is self-reported in surveys. Which means 2000 calories was what these people BELIEVED they ate during the typical day. When they were later monitored in laboratory […]

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Weight Gain And Thoughts Of Restricting Again

thyroid--weight-gain“To be honest, I have felt a bit bad from Wednesday.. a bit doubtful because I have gained weight. Not a lot but when I tried my working clothes on they were tight and I feel uncomfortable. Very […]

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