Weight Gain On HCLF Vegan Lifestyle After Eating Disorders/Dieting

Why people gain weight on high carb low fat vegan lifestyle after coming from eating disorders or dieting backgrounds?

Feel Like Bingeing In ED Recovery? What Is Extreme Hunger? http://followthefruitfly.com/feel-like-bingeing-in-ed-recovery-what-is-extreme-hunger/

My 5 Best Tips To Overcome Extreme Hunger In ED Recovery http://followthefruitfly.com/my-5-best-tips-to-overcome-extreme-hunger-in-ed-recovery/

Will I Become Overweight/Obese Eating As […]

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Vlog – What I Ate Today, Markets, Bodyboarding

Follow me around! At Sunday we went to the Noosa Sunday markets. I tried bodyboarding for the first time and ate some delicious foods! :)

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Make Recovery A FIRST Priority, Not Weight Loss…

Make a PAIN and PLEASURE list for your recovery so it will keep you going and not fall back to restriction.

Write down what is the PAIN when you do not choose recovery, and what is the PLEASURE if you CHOOSE recovery…like this:

– i keep on bingeing, overeating
– i will […]

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But I Am Overweight And Bulimic So I Do Not Need 2500-3000+ Calories!

This video is for people who are doing eating disorder recovery. I recommend the MinnieMaude recovery guidelines:

Today’s question:
I have bulimia and im currently overweight, do i still need to eat minimum 2500-3000 calories?

My Answer:
YES! Even when you are currently over your set point weight you […]

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Our Wwoofing Place Tour

We are wwoofing in Queensland, Australia, at the moment and in this video i want to show you the beautiful place we are staying currently :)

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Emotional Eating

bridget-jones-binge-eating-640x471I am not sure if i believe in emotional eating at all. Or if it is emotional eating i do not think its particularly a bad thing. What i do now is that i think so many „bad eating habits“ are confused […]

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What I Ate Today In Australia

In this video i show you what i ate in one day in Australia. Here is so hot i feel i want to eat more fresh foods compared to Estonia where its so cold. I have missed those juicy sweet fruits, but im finally here. I feel so happy! […]

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When Are You Physically Recovered From ED?


Hi Elisa! I have a question when it comes to recovery, how do you know you are PHYSICALLY recoverred already? I mean when do you know your body had healed completely?



thank you for a good question! I do not know the clear answer to this as so many physical […]

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Our Travel To Australia! :)

So i’m finally in Australia! :) Stay tuned for more vlogs coming about my travels here!

Ask me a question: http://ask.fm/followthefruitfly

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I Am Afraid To Gain Weight In Eating Disorder Recovery

In this video i talk about the fear of weight gain in ED recovery because this is the #1 reason people fall back to restriction or do not want to start recovery at all.

Why 2500-3000 calories a day? http://www.youreatopia.com/blog/2011/9/14/i-need-how-many-calories.html

Will I Become Overweight/Obese Eating As Much […]

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