What I Ate Today – Raw Till Whenever Day 27

Here’s another video of what i ate today! :)

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What Is Normal Eating + Fettuccine Alfredo – Raw Till Whenever Day 26

In today’s video i share with you what is normal eating for me.

Normal eating is something that just happens, without you having to think about it much. Normal eating is eating when your hungry and stopping when your satisfied. It is eating the foods you truly like and eating […]

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Low Fat High Carb Fettuccine Alfredo

Low Fat High Carb Fetticcinie Alfredo

I used to LOVE creamy cheesy sauces with pasta. My favorite pasta dishes were with some sort of cream when i was not vegan. Of course i can still make creamy pasta sauces when vegan too, […]

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What I Ate Today – Raw till whenever Day 25

Everything i ate today!

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Everything I Ate Today – Raw Till Whenever Day 24

Everything I Ate Today!

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Disclaimer To What I Say, What I Ate Today – Raw Till Whenever Day 23

In this video i wanted to make a disclaimer to my videos and everything i say.

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Going To Australia! :D What I Ate Today – Raw Till Whenever Day 22

In this video i talk about our upcoming trip to Australia and i show you what i ate today :)

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My Diet And Lifestyle “Rules”

confucius-life-is-really-simple-but-we-insist-on-making-it-complicatedHere i describe just some basic lifestyle choices that i follow. These are not rules that i HAVE TO follow, but just the things i do without thinking much about them. Things that work for me. This i not to […]

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What I Ate Today – Raw Till Whenever Day 20

What I Ate Today! That’s it! :)

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Freelee Eats Junk Food! + Vlog & What I Eat – Raw Till Whenever Day 19

Im so glad that Freelee did a video where she talked about how she sometimes eats vegan junk food and do not stress about it. I think it’s an important message to show people that you don’t have to be so strict with this high carb vegan lifestyle :)

Link […]

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